Committed to promoting a stress-less,

easier life for parents & babies.

Provide a wide range of high-end everyday products that babies love, parents recommend and partners trust. Become a one-stop shop when it comes to solutions for babies and toddlers. Support parents raise healthy, curious and creative babies!


Spread the joy of a smiling baby’s face

To consumers by providing a consistently exceptional brand experience. To our partners by delivering innovative and reliable products that will help them grow.


Work exclusively
with leading International Brands

a direct-to-consumer

Capitalize on our expertise in the wider infant and baby markets

Provide top
of the line
customer support

Cater effectively
all sales

Become a one-stop-shop for products and solutions for infants, babies & toddlers


Representing innovative international brands
in the Greek market.

Our portfolio is specially designed to remain competitive and relevant in terms of innovation, quality and pricing. We currently represent nine premium brands: Tommee Tippee, Jocko, Rotho, Novalou, Gengigel, Zendium, Kronolene, Dr Hands and Wisdom.

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Tommee Tippee is a world-renowned, award-winning brand, it was launched in the UK over 50 years ago and with one simple goal – to make everyday life just a little easier for parents around the world. The well-being and happiness of babies and toddlers are at the heart of every product design. Tommee Tippee provides a wide product range with innovations and ideas that solve real parenting challenges, every day. 

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Jocko is a Belgian stylish brand for fashion conscious kids. Jocko’s goal is to provide products with timeless and vibrant designs at accessible prices. 


Rotho Babydesign is a German company that produces high quality, dependable and safe products for babies and infants. From bottles to nappy buckets to bathtubs, Rotho Babydesign offers everything that parents’ and children’s heart’s desire. 

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The Novalou product line is specifically designed and studied to deal with the daily and specialized needs of infants’ and children’s skin, by providing a complete approach to skin care and protection. Novatopia has been developed for the daily and holistic care of sensitive, dry and atopic skin.

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Nasalou is the one and only nasal aspirator with sterile tips specially designed for use in the sensitive nostrils of newborns, babies and toddlers. Helps prevent and relieve cold symptoms and facilitates easy breathing, feeding & sleeping. Nasalou’ s innovative and ergonomic design is a solution to an everyday parenting challenge!

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Gengigel is a medical device product line containing high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium hyaluronate), obtained by a biotechnological manufacturing process, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its formulation is specifically created in order to resemble that of the hyaluronic acid found in normal gingival tissue. 


The Zendium pharmaceutical toothpastes is a product line that enforces the natural defense mechanisms of the oral cavity and inhibit the activity of unwanted pathogenic agents.

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Dr.Hands® Hand Gel has a mild antiseptic action that rejuvenates the skin, leaving the hands dry, clean and soft.

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Wisdom is one of the leading brands for oral care in Great Britain. With more than 235 years of experience in the oral healthcare market, it offers a comprehensive range of oral hygiene products to improve oral health and meet all interdental cleaning needs. All products are specially designed to provide a glowing and healthy smile for a lifetime and for every life stage.

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The All4Ella brand was created out of a mother’s love and desire to keep her baby safe, protected and comfortable. All4Ella is an Australian brand that carries only high-quality products at affordable prices. An extensive range of bibs, cotton & bamboo wraps, pram pegs and liners, towels, burp cloths, cot sheets, and silicone plates, all products are beautifully designed with gorgeous colours and patterns that both parents and children will love.

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FunghiClear is a nail spray with unique characteristics. The product has been developed with the patient in mind and is composed of essentials oils such as Manuka oil. The spray helps to combat and prevent brittle and discolored toenails and support healthy growth.

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B.box is an Australian brand, passionate about creating fun and functional everyday baby essentials with a difference. The goal with their products is to make the lives of parents more convenient; in a cool and innovative way. Everything they produce revolves around putting the ‘fun’ in functional.

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Hubble Connected is an end-to-end baby tech and smart living platform that uses innovative technology to empower parents and their families to enjoy parenthood while staying connected. The HubbleClub App & Smart Platform supports a broad range of HD Video monitors, our nursery health line, and even a prenatal device! The ultimate solution that grows with your baby.

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Eco rascals is a British, award-wining, baby weaning and feeding essentials brand, thoughtfully crafted with sustainable bamboo. Eco Rascals are dedicated to protecting the environment while giving your little one the finest possible care. A wide range of organic bamboo tableware will make mealtime happier without compromising safety! Embrace a greener choice for your baby’s feeding adventure with our bamboo range, which combines sustainability, comfort, and style.

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Why choose us as your business partner?

Given the lengthy experience of our management team, Heroic is a “newborn” with the commitment and strength of an adult, providing a wide range of premium brands & products through an established network of suppliers. We provide access to multiple sales channels for our partners, covering more than 80% of the infant & baby industry in the Greek market. We are proud of our lengthy experience and expertise in brand-building. Our business model, based on 4 fundamental values, offers to our partners and clients all the support they need to grow their business.


We maintain long-established relationships with our key partners


Our portfolio of Premium products complies with the highest EU standards


We exclusively represent high-end global brands


We hold a combination of in-depth market knowledge and acute commercial awareness

We are passionate, motivated and always strive to meet the needs
of our consumers through innovative products and solutions.

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